how to find drivers to your computer?
2009-01-06 17:41:51 UTC
i have windows vista installed now on my computer. i want to install windows xp on my computer but when i do that and try to download the drivers by internet they cant find the drivers. I go to my computer and right click then proportys then device management and try to download the drivers from the internet like that. it dosent work. I dont have the Cd with the drivers. is there another way i can find them?
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2009-01-06 17:54:13 UTC
you can download the drivers for each device but you will need to identify the devices

the only way you can do that is if you know what model your computer is

if its not a brand name then you should ask whoever built it for you to tell you what parts they used

email me if you want more help
xtthew! ..
2009-01-06 17:49:25 UTC
Check your computers manufacturer's website for the drivers. If they're not there then download a program called Everest from . This will give you information on your computers parts that the program recognizes. Once you have that information, search for the hardwares product name or model number along with the word "driver(s)"

ex: Intel Pro Gigabit Ethernet driver

Check out the links you get on your search for an appropriate driver, download it and install it onto your computer. If it doesn't work then you'll just have to keep searching for the right one.

An alternative to this would be to open up your computer and look for a label on all the parts of your computer. Such as a Network Card, or if it's mostly integrated onto your motherboard, then you should be able to find a full set of drivers for your specific motherboard.
2009-01-06 17:45:58 UTC
Best place is to get the latest version is on your OEM (dell, hp, etc) support website. Simply select the correct computer model and then install all the necessary drivers.

Also note that sometimes OEMs are slow to push out the latest drivers. So for hardware like graphics cards and audio, it usually is better to go straight to the hardware company's website for those drivers.
2014-01-07 01:58:29 UTC
you wanna check what kind of driver you need in your computer?

just use 3DP chip software before you install new operating system. It really awesome software, automatically find out exact driver you need and you can use it just for enumerate the devices such as CPU, Motherboard, Video, Sound, EthernetCard, etc. then you can easily download the latest drivers you need in few minutes(depend on your download speed).

After downloading driver software, you can freely install your new operating system.

If you want to know how to use this software don't forget to check out this video:
2009-01-06 17:46:38 UTC
Go to the website of your comptuer manufacturer.

If you have Dell then go to and look up Driver's and utilities. Then just go through and find the driver's you need.
2009-01-06 17:46:38 UTC
First,find you computer hardware type

Second,just need to google the hardware type name

Third,find the drivers


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