Windows XP audio system help?
2009-05-15 09:30:36 UTC
I have a Windows XP.

My mom accidentally deleted the audio system, so now I can't hear anything.

I pressed "system restore" but it doesn't do anything.

Is there another way? Or am I using system restore wrong?
Four answers:
Tony A
2009-05-15 09:43:13 UTC
to use system restore you go to programs - accessories - system tools- system restore click next it should already be selected to do a system restore then select a date before the issue happend and go next next but remember that if the date is grayed out, you cant pick that date you have to pick one that is selectable then go next till finish and let the machine do what it has to, it will reboot and will let you know if it was successfull or not if it was you should get the sound if you dont get the sound and the system restore was successfull, you will have to go to the website for the maker of the laptop and download the sound drivers, very easy to do. hope this helps
2009-05-15 09:57:37 UTC
but if you already had the drivers installed,

go into device manager and check to see if the audio symbol is still there,

if it is then the drivers have not been delated and then you'll know its down to software,

check the sound properties to make sure there are correct,

if missing download again from the company website
2016-10-25 16:33:22 UTC
contained in the starting up Menu Double click My pc, then click houses. click Hardware, and contained in the Window that open you may discover gadget manager, then click it, it is going to convey you to a window that enumerate each and every of the hardware on your gadget.
Debian Linux Geek
2009-05-15 09:34:17 UTC
download your audio drivers from thier website.

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